Whether you are an experienced homeowner or it’s just your first time dealing with vacuums, finding the right one can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you are looking to get the best vacuum for cleaning above ground pools or you want to get a suitable one for your laminate floors, you need to ensure that you have the correct item.

For instance, getting the wrong vacuum for laminate floors might also mean getting poor performance and might even end up damaging your beautiful laminate floors. But, having a specially designed vacuum cleaning machine can allow you to perform other tasks rather than just vacuuming.

They can also mop the floor and dry it up at the same time. There are other vacuum cleaners that are also designed to suit those owning pets. This can help you in cleaning the pet’s fur thus leaving you with clean floors within no time.

Anyway, for you to get a good vacuum cleaner for your laminate floor, there are a few things you need to have in mind when shopping for them. Before we look at some of the best vacuums for laminate floors, let us first go through some of the features that you need to look for in the machines before buying them.

What to look for when shopping for vacuum cleaners for laminate floors

The Vacuum Type

Before even leaving your house, you need to have known the type of machine you want. There are multiple types of vacuums available on the market thus picking a good one might become a challenge for you if you don’t know the type to look for. The types include; Canister, bagless, upright, and bagged. It is also difficult to be conned when you know the type of machine you want.

The cleaning system

Most of the vacuums that are commonly used for laminate floors, always operate with a suction mechanism, right? Well, you can also choose those that are able to steam the floor too. In short, you can choose between a vacuum machine that works with a suction mechanism or one that can steam up your floor and mop it up at the same time.

Type of the brush used

Since there are different types of vacuum cleaners, it’s quite obvious that they won’t be using the same brushes too.  For them to give maximum performance, they will need to use brushes that are specifically designed for each one of them. So, if you are looking for a good vacuum for your laminate floor, you should consider one with a brush that you can switch off to avoid damaging your floor.


Well, this is usually the amount of strength or power produced by the vacuum to suck in the dust particles from the floor. For those looking to get a vacuum cleaning machine with strong suction, you will need to find yourself a machine with a strong motor.

The design of the vacuum also plays a role in this. Make sure you check if the vacuum cleaner you are about to purchase can seal properly when being used. If it doesn’t, you will most likely lose much power thus getting a poor suction which automatically leads to bad cleaning and a waste of time.

However, you don’t need to focus much on the motor power since you won’t be needing that much power when dealing with the surface of the floor compared to a carpet. The important thing here is if the vacuum is able to seal tightly and properly when being used. This will help in generating better suction.


Another thing to check is the capacity of the machine. It is important to know how much your cleaner can hold. This will also help you to know how often you need to empty the machine when cleaning it.

Well, if you happen to have a cleaner with a small capacity, you will need to do the emptying quite often compared to those having a machine with a bigger capacity. Having a large capacity vacuum also saves you time since you don’t have to empty it regularly.

You also need to consider the area for which you intend to clean. If you only have a small space to deal with, then there is no need for you to get a vacuum with a large capacity unless otherwise.

Do you own any pets?

You also need to consider your pets. In as much as we do love our pets, sometimes it gets a little bit annoying when you have to clean your floors again because your pet has left fur all over the place.

Well, since you can’t get rid of your pet and you also like to stay in a clean place, you need to find yourself a good cleaner that can be able to pick up even the pet hair on the floor without jamming or getting clogged.

This is why it is important to choose a machine with a better brush. A brush that has wider spaces between the bristles is considered the best in this situation since it becomes difficult for the hair to get stuck between the bristles when cleaning.


There is always a filtration system in every vacuum cleaner. However, the most recommended type of filters are the certified HEPA filters. This is simply because they can trap more dirt compared to other types of filters.

Another thing about the HEPA filters is that they can be easily accessed when cleaning the machine. Also, you will need to be cleaning the filters on the regular if you are using a vacuum that operates with water. If you forget to clean the filters, they might get damaged and you will be in for some repair costs if the warranty period is over.


LoL! It doesn’t get any funnier when you hear about cleaners being cleaned, right? Anyway, since they are used for cleaning, they are most definitely exposed to a lot of dirt hence the need to clean them from time to time.

Make sure you pick a cleaner that will be easy to clean. This means that you should be able to access its parts easily too. Cleaning up your machine will allow it to stay in top shape for a long period of time thus giving you good value for your money as it serves you for long.


You also need to consider the weight of the machine you want to buy. If you own a house that has several floors, you should consider going for something light. This way, it will be easy for you to carry it from one point to another with a lot of ease.

However, if all the cleaning is going to be done on a certain level with no movements required, then the weight shouldn’t your major concern. Another thing to consider is the amount of dirt you are going to be dealing with. Lighter cleaners are not always great for a place with a lot of dirt.

A warranty

Perhaps the most important thing that you should be looking at is if the machine you are buying has a warranty. With machines, they are always bound to fail, you just can’t tell when. Since there are always too many moving parts involved it’s easy for a malfunction to occur. This is where the warranty comes it.

This will always help you when it comes to repairing the machine in case it malfunctioned within the warranty period. Sometimes you will even get a completely new machine when if the one you had cannot be repaired.

This is why it is good if you can get yourself a product with a longer warranty period. Be careful with items that have no warranties however low the price might be. You might end up paying even more than you thought you would.

Wow! That seems like a lot of things to look at, right? Well, these are just a few of them. You can also go ahead and check for things like the noise produced when using the machines or even check whether they have a cord or not.

Depending on the task at hand, if you wanted to take care of the debris in your above ground pool, then you will go for the best vacuum for above ground pools. But, if you care so much about your laminate floors, then you should also consider getting the best vacuum for laminate floors. With that being said, let us look at a few cleaners considered to be among the best in this category.

Top 7 Best Vacuums For Laminate Floors


BISSELL PowerFresh 1940 Steam Mop

BISSELL PowerFresh 1940 Steam Mop

Well, Unlike most of the vacuums, this one needs to be used exclusively on hard surfaces thus making it a suitable choice for laminate floors. However, this also comes as a set back since you cannot use it to clean any other thing like your carpets.

If all you care about is your laminate floor, then you can trust this machine in terms of performance as it is capable of delivering a satisfying job on the laminate floors. The performance of this cleaner is attributed to the many unique features that it possesses. From the name, you can already tell that it has a steam mop to take care of your bare floors.

It has a smartest variable stem control and also a heater warm-up time of up to 30 seconds. Weighing only 8.3lb, it means it is highly portable and can be easily moved from one place to another. This machine also comes with a 23-inch power cord, a dirt container, two microfiber pads, and a built-in scrubber.

Since you want to have a clean floor, this cleaner will help you remove 99.9% of the dust on your floor. It is a good vacuum with a competitive price and maybe for the best part, it comes with a two-year warranty, just in case it fails or if it has any defects.


  • Heats up fast.

  • Highly portable.

  • Affordable price.

  • Removes 99.9% of the dirt on the floor.


  • Pads need to be changed after every use.

  • Used exclusively on hard surfaces.

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Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for something that is quite efficient and can be moved from one point to the other effortlessly, then this machine should feature somewhere in your list too. Weighing only 5.75 lbs, it usually considered to be among the lightest vacuums available today on the market.

Well, this machine is also cordless to mean that, you can be able to clean your floors without worrying about the machine being limited by the power cord. Another great thing about this cleaner is that you use it either as a handheld or a stand-up cleaner.

This is why it is a good choice for large areas and those difficult corners where the dust collects. The cleaner also has a HEPA certified filter thus producing an excellent performance when it comes to dealing with dust on your laminate floors.

Well, since you don’t have a power cord for this machine, you will need to charge it regularly, depending on how often you use it. It has a battery run time of about 7 minutes for the maximum suction and 40 minutes for the fade-free suction.


  • Cordless.

  • Lightweight.

  • Can be used as an upright or handheld vacuuming.

  • 2 years warranty.

  • Uses HEPA filtration technique.


  • The battery runtime is short.

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Shark Rocket HV322 TruePet Vacuum cleaner

Shark Rocket HV322 TruePet Vacuum cleaner

For those who own homes with several floors, it is quite obvious that you will need a lighter machine. A machine that you can easily carry from one floor to the other when working. If that’s what you wanted, then your search might as well be over.

This is also another cleaner with a lightweight that one can use in two different ways just like the product before. You can use it both as a handheld or an upright vacuum. This makes it good for both the floors and the steps or any other area which can be difficult to reach.

It is much easy to install and use this vacuum cleaner as it only has two operational modes you can choose from. It can be used either when the brush is turned on or not. This makes it possible to maneuver between the carpeted areas and the bare floors.

It also comes with a dust bag that is somehow limited when it comes to capacity. Additionally, when you purchase this vacuum cleaner, you will also get a warranty period of 5years. Other features include; LED lights and a 20-foot power cable.


  • Easy to use.

  • Powerful motor thus can also be able to remove pet hair easily.

  • Lightweight.

  • Comes with a 5 year warranty period.

  • Can be used as the handheld or as an upright vacuum.


  • The dust bag has a small capacity.

  • The power cable might be longer.

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BISSELL 1785 CrossWave Floor and Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

BISSELL 1785 CrossWave Floor and Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

This is also considered a great vacuum because of its versatility. It can be used as a vacuum and also as a mop. With this machine in your possession, you don’t need to worry about the stains on the floor, just turn on the mop and wait for the magic to happen.

Another thing that makes this cleaner a great one, are the two storage tanks that stores both the clean and dirty water separately from each other. Also, if you want to deal with the dirt on your carpets, don’t worry, you will just need to switch it back to the vacuum operational mode and it will take out all the dirt and grime on your carpets. It is quite light and therefore can be moved around easily.


  • Lightweight.

  • Has a powerful motor.

  • Can work on multiple surfaces.

  • Relatively cheap.

  • Can be used either as a vacuum or a mop.


  • It is a job keeping it clean.

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BISSELL PowerEdge Stick Vacuum Cleaner81L2A

BISSELL PowerEdge Stick Vacuum Cleaner81L2A

Well, all these vacuums in this list are great when it comes to dealing with the dirt on the floor but this particular one is even more special. It has a swivel head that is V-shaped thus making it possible to clean up even those hard to reach corners.

You can also use it on carpets as long as they are not too thick. It is very simple to install and use this cleaner as you don’t need any special knowledge for you to be able to use it. However, unlike the other cleaners, this one is great for small-sized rooms due to its small capacity.

The power cord might be shorter thus making it difficult to move it around and reach other places. This machine is powerful enough to remove all the dirt on your laminate floors including the pet hair.


  • Lightweight.

  • Can work on both the floors and rugs.

  • Has an advanced swivel head for maximum cleaning.

  • Affordable.

  • Comes with a one year warranty period.


  • Shorter power cord.

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Dirt Devil Power Stick SD20505 Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil Power Stick SD20505 Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for a cheap yet a very reliable vacuum cleaner then this right here is the best machine for you. Even though it doesn’t come with a lot of features the previous products, it really can do a great job on the laminate floors.

It also doesn’t have that much power. After all, there really isn’t any need for you to purchase a powerful machine when you have to deal with just a small area, right? However, the machine does have a unique head which is a bit wider to enable it to pick more dirt in less amount of time. It is also a lightweight thus making it a good cleaner for homes with multiple floor levels.


  • Lightweight.

  • Affordable.

  • Wider head for efficient cleaning.

  • 2-year limited warranty.


  • Short power cable.

  • Has a weak motor.

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ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner

Man is supposed to be working for their own food right? Well, this seems not to be the case anymore. Since humans are always looking for shortcuts or just ways to do things a bit fast, machines were invented to do the work on their behalf.

If sometimes you get overwhelmed and can’t multitask anymore, this cleaner can be a good choice for you. as the name suggests, this is a robotic vacuum cleaner which can also work as a mop.

Even though you can leave it to do the cleaning for you, you will still have to reach the difficult areas by yourself. Anyway, even as it will be cleaning, you won’t have to constantly check on it to see if it is through with the cleaning. It will just go back to it’s station and start charging right away, waiting for the next time duty will call.


  • Suitable for all types of floors.

  • Has a long battery life.

  • Self-charging.

  • One year warranty period.

  • Can also sweep and mop the floors.


  • Not quite powerful.

  • Might not clean all the dirt.

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It is often said that cleanliness is next to Godliness. You can go ahead and try out one of these products to always keep your floors tidy. However, make sure to do your own little research and try to find out more about the items you want to buy. Happy cleaning everyone.