It seems like many of us still get confused when it comes to differentiating between diffusers and humidifiers. Actually, a lot of people usually think they are the same thing.

This is evident since you will often be asked to explain the difference between the two when talking about essential oils and also recommend the right item to buy between the two. Anyway, if you also fall under this category, don’t worry.

This article will talk about both the items so that you can fully understand them and make a great decision when it comes to buying the right one for you.

Let’s start by looking at the diffuser.

What is a diffuser?

This is basically a device that helps in freshening up a room using the essential oils to give the room a great aroma through diffusion hence the name diffuser. Note that you can only use the diffuser when dealing with essential oils.

They are most suitable for those who stay alone or if you have other people around you that have no problems with essential oils. The essential oil diffusers are available in four types i.e. nebulizing, evaporative, ultrasonic and heat. These diffusers are usually categorized according to space or area they can be able to cover when being used thus you can always get the best essential oil diffuser for large space or small-sized areas, depending on the size of your room.

The pros of using diffusers

  • Enhances the mood inside your room through the diffusion of the essential oils.
  • Produces a cool mist that has a purifying effect on the air.
  • It also has a stimulating effect when the fine mist from the diffused oil gets absorbed by the skin. This is quite useful to those with dry skin.
  • Helps in reducing the amount of fungus and bacteria that you might be having in your room thus keeping you safe from various health issues caused by them.
  • You can also use the diffuser to help you improve your breathing and also reduce snoring by using other specific oil.
  • The diffusers also come with some special features when it comes to the lighting including the LED light which is capable of changing colors. This helps in relieving your mind from fatigue and makes you feel relaxed.

The Cons of using a diffuse

  • It can be a bit expensive.
  • Others come with lighting features that cannot be adjusted or turned off. This can interfere with your sleep.
  • Some diffusers often produce a loud noise which might be disturbing for the user.
  • Has a smaller water tank.
  • You are limited to use distilled water to get the best results when it comes to your health.

How does a diffuser work?

Well, as said before, the diffusers are always available in four types as named above. For the evaporative diffusers, you are only required to add a few drops of the essential oil to the filter of the diffuser or the pad. This will make the oil to evaporate a bit fast thus spreading the aroma across the room. The heat diffuser also works the same way. The difference however is, the evaporative diffuser uses the fan to help with the evaporation process while the heat diffusers use heat just as the name suggests.

Another type is the nebulizer diffuser, which is always seen to be quite effective compared to the others. It always comes with a small tube where you will need to add the oil to. An air-jet will then blow across the top of this tube followed by some vacuum effect which will suck the added oil up the tube. The air will then blow across the surface of the oil at the top of the tube thus diffusing the small oil droplets across the room.

The Ultrasonic diffusers can also be referred to as humidifying diffusers. It includes the use of water as this is where you need to add the oil to. Since oil is usually dense than water, it will stay on top and then a disk inside the diffuser will start to vibrate to help break the oil into smaller molecules. It is then transformed into a mist which will then be released to humidify the air slowly to give your room a wonderful scent.

Now let us have a look at the Humidifier.



What is a humidifier?

If you take a close look at the people who live in areas with dry climates, you will realize they mostly use humidifiers, especially those having a baby in the house. This is simply because it is difficult for the colder air to hold as much water compared to the warmer air. The main purpose of using a humidifier is actually to help in maintaining a certain moisture level in the room. For this reason, therefore, you need to get yourself the best humidifier for a baby. Just like the diffusers, there are also four types of humidifiers i.e. evaporative, ultrasonic, mist and impeller.

The pros of using a humidifier

  • It has the ability to add moisture in the dry air in the form of warm mist.
  • A warm mist humidifier can also help with some health conditions like a sore throat, dry skin and can also relieve you from sinus by adding moisture to the air.
  • It has the ability to free you from allergies and asthma.
  • Both the warm and cool mist humidifiers are capable of helping individuals with snoring problem as it often reduces the severity of that air you breathe in while asleep.
  • It also helps the wood furniture not to crack and papers not to dry up by keeping the air moist.
  • It doesn’t require a lot when it comes to keeping it clean and maintaining it.
  • Both the cool and warm mist humidifiers can also work with the tap water.

The cons of using a humidifier

  • Regular maintenance and cleaning are needed to keep it in top shape.
  • It can get damaged when used with the essential oils.
  • It can generate noise which might be loud to other users.

How does a humidifier work?

From the four types of humidifiers available, let us start with the warm mist humidifier. This works in a simple manner as it uses water which then gets boiled until steam is produced and later released inside the room.

On the other hand, the evaporative humidifier doesn’t release steam but gives out a cool mist. After the water is added to it’s reservoir and then absorbed up using a wick or a filter. The device also has a fan which will then blow the air through it to expel a cool mist into the room.

The impeller humidifier is also among the cool mist humidifiers. It has disks inside which spin to break down water into small droplets and then get released to the air inside the room.

Finally, for the ultrasonic humidifier, there is a metallic diaphragm that always vibrates to push the mist or the water molecules to the air. This specific humidifier is capable of releasing either a cool or warm mist.

Do you need to get a diffuser or a humidifier?

Well, if all you want to do is just to maintain a certain level of humidity in the air, then what you need is a humidifier. You can also consider getting the humidity reader to help you know the levels of humidity in the air around you. However, if you just want to spread the essential oils across the room, it is recommended that you go for the essential oil diffuser since it is specifically designed to perform this function.

As you have seen, it might be a bit difficult when it comes to choosing between essential oil diffusers and humidifiers since there are always a lot of things to be considered. However, if you are just looking to maintain an ideal level of humidity in the air then go for the humidifier. But if your main aim is to enjoy the aromatherapy from the essential oils then the diffuser is your guy. If you are also finding it difficult to choose between the different types of diffusers and humidifiers, you can go ahead and buy both a diffuser and a humidifier in order to get the maximum benefits for your general well being.